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Reliable Stump Grinding Services In Fairmont, WV

Tired of mowing around those stumps? Through our non invasive process we will grind the stump below ground level while not disturbing any nearby underground utilities and you’ll get your yard back! Our professionals make use of specialized equipment to destroy the structure of tree stumps by grinding them and destroying the roots beneath the ground. We own some of the industry’s best and most powerful stump grinders, which have a rotating disc with tungsten teeth fitted on them. Our equipment, along with our expertise, will ensure that the remains of the tree will remain dead for the rest of its life. If you see your tree stumps are teeming with pests, or you want to remove the stump to clear your land for new vegetation, call us today to get our stump grinding services scheduled.

Convenience Assured

Our stump grinding services provide far more convenience than using other processes to remove tree stumps from the ground. As the tree stumps are connected with the vast roots of big trees, you need to dig a massive hole around the stump, which is neither convenient nor suitable for your yard. In comparison to excavation, grinding your stump is a time-efficient method to dismantle the structure of the stump without causing any harm to the surroundings and yard.

Professional Services

At Apex Tree Works LLC, we ensure that each of our customers receives the proper care and solutions to their problems. That’s why our professionals use a holistic approach to tackle the issues that our customers are facing due to stumps. Our stump removal services are eco-friendly, efficient, and delivered on time around your schedule. If you see a tree stump taking up usable space in your yard, or you want to clear your yard for the construction of new structures, our professional services will provide the solutions you need.


With our specialized stump grinders, we will chew down the tree stump that is beneath the ground. This will ensure that the roots of your trees are dead and removed from the ground.

Yes, we will grind the stump 15 inches below the ground surface so that you will have ample space to plant new vegetation.

Time varies and depends on the size and condition of the stump.

The cost of stump grinding depends on the size, age, and condition of the stump.

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