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Affordable Lawn Maintenance Services In Fairmont, WV

Our crew of professional landscapers are experts in trenching, drainage installation and repairs, pruning trees, shrubs and herbs, edging the lawn, and constructing aesthetic structures in your yard. When you call us to maintain your lawn you are going to get the highest quality services available. We have state-of-the-art equipment that is essential in designing and creating beautiful landscapes. Whether you need your hedges pruned or want weekly maintenance of your yard and their green assets, we can provide you with a professional landscape expert to handle your landscaping task from start to finish.

Improve The Look Of Your Lawn

Our lawn maintenance services focus on elevating the appearance of your lawn by removing unwanted elements and constructing new aesthetic structures. Our lawn maintenance services include edging the borders of driveways, patios, walkways, lawn cleaning services before the fall and spring, and removal of leaves, debris and damaged trees from your lawn. If you are preparing to start a new landscaping project or improve the look of your existing lawn, call today to schedule an appointment!

Fair Pricing

Our company’s founder always believes that quality services should not mean being expensive. Because of this belief, he founded this company and started delivering quality services by keeping a slim margin. Without cutting any corners, we cut our expenses by efficiently speeding up our processes. No matter what type of project you hire us for, we will ensure to keep the end cost within your budget.


We have a wide variety of equipment available for land clearing. We use chippers, bulldozers, tree shears, stump grinders, deck mowers, and back hoes for the clearing of land.

Yes, have state-of-the-art equipment and can perform precision land leveling of any scale.

Our professionals have years of experience in removing trees. They will take all required safety measures and perform work by following the highest safety standards.

If you want to keep the mulch in your yard, you can keep it, but if you want us to gather it up and take it away with us, we can do that too.

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