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Affordable Land Clearing Services In Fairmont, WV

Apex Tree Works provides land clearing services in Fairmont, WV, to the residents who are going to initiate construction works. Our services include clearing lots and preparing and grading land to create a clear patch of land for the construction work. Our professionals will start surveying your land against the provided blueprints and will devise a plan about what things need to be removed from the land. Our land clearing operations focus on clearing out all types of vegetation, including trees and shrubs, that can obstruct any construction project. We are knowledgeable about the standards of clearing and grading the land for construction and will ensure to chew down the last bit of the trees so that they can’t become an issue down the line. No matter what kind of land you want to clear up for your construction project, we have the capability to perform land clearance of all the toughest terrains.

Mechanized Machinery

We are maintaining our traditions of providing the safest land clearing services to our clients by the use of mechanized equipment. We have prepared hundreds of utility and civil construction sites in the past. Whether you want land clearance, grubbing, grinding, or cutting, Apex Tree Works LLC is the company you can trust for the delivery of land clearing services.

Land Clearing Experts

By putting your trust in the dedication of our professionals and the abilities of our company, you can rest easy that the clearing of your land is now in the hands of a reliable company. Our land clearing services will not only address the needs for vegetation clearance but also take care of the large boulders and rocks that are getting in between your construction project. Trust our expertise by leaving your land clearing job to us.


We have a wide variety of equipment available for land clearing. We use chippers, bulldozers, tree shears, stump grinders, deck mowers, and back holes for the clearing of land.

The regulations for land clearing vary for all states. In most cases, you don’t need to get a permit to clear your land, but if your land clearing project involves stump grinding, you must need some permission from your state authorities.

Most of the removed material will be used in mulch, but some of it will be hauled away to a landfill.

Yes, we own modern equipment and can perform precision land leveling of any scale.


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