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Frequently Asked Questions

Examining your tree and identifying safety hazards is something that is very difficult to do. You need to hire our professional services and let them assess the condition of your tree. Only then will you be sure whether it is time to remove the tree or not.

Our professionals have years of experience in removing trees. They will take the required safety measures and perform the work by following the highest safety standards.

With our specialized stump grinders, we will chew down the tree stump that is beneath the ground. This will ensure that the roots of your trees are dead and removed from the ground.

The cost of stump grinding depends on the size, age, and condition of the stump.

If you want to keep the mulch in your yard, you can keep it. But, if you want us to gather it up and take it away with us, we can do that too.

We have a wide variety of equipment available for land clearing. We use chippers, bulldozers, tree shears, stump grinders, deck mowers, and back hoes for the clearing of land.

Most of the removed material will be used in mulch, but some of it will be hauled away to a landfill.