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Reliable Tree Removal Services In Fairmont, WV

At Apex Tree Works LLC, our professionals passionately provide tree removal services to ensure the safety of the properties and residents from damaged or dead trees. Our professionals will assess the current condition of your trees and will devise a concise plan for their removal without causing any damage to the surroundings. Our company makes use of the industry’s proven practices and modernized equipment for safely removing big and small trees. We enjoy the reputation of being the best local company to provide reliable tree removal services at the most cost-effective prices. So, if you are anxious about the safety of your property due to a leaning tree, give us a call. We will do our finest to remove the tree safely that has been suffering from non-recoverable damages.

Emergency Services

Whether a weak tree has fallen in your yard or the trees around your home were struck by a heavy storm, our professionals can take care of every mess that is scattered on your property. We will not only remove the broken branches and trunks of the tree but also haul them away from your property to give you additional peace of your mind. Additionally, if you need to clear out your yard for a new construction project, we can also help you with that by removing unwanted trees from your property.

Time-Efficient Services

Our company owns mechanical equipment to speed up the process of tree removal and provide our customers with time-efficient services. By using this equipment, we not only ensure the delivery of time-efficient services but also make our processes safer and more effective. We promise you to cut down your tree and move it to the designated drop zone without letting it impact the surroundings.


Our professionals have years of experience in removing trees. They will take the required safety measures and perform work by following all the safety standards.

Examining your tree and identifying safety hazards is something very difficult to do. You need to hire our professional services and let them assess the condition of your tree. Only then will you get to know whether it is time to remove the tree or not.

If you want to keep that mulch in your yard, you can keep it, but if you want us to clean that mulch and take it away with us, we can do that too.

Yes, on your request, we can take the tree with us after removing it from your property.

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